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We present to you the beauty that is Minuet. Direct to us from Soyoung Scanlan at Andante Dairy in Petaluma. Minuet is a wonderful soft-mold rinded Triple Cream goat cheese, with a creamy outside and a more firm cakey center.

Souyoung Scanlan is a pretty amazing lady. From their website:

After studying life science and dairy science and working as a biochemist and a dairy scientist, Soyoung decided to become a cheese maker.

She named her company Andante, which is the tempo mark for many songlike movements that indicates a moderate rate of speed of a strolling walk, in order to describe her longing for the slower speed of life and the proper speed of traditional cheese making.

Her cheese is named after musical terms, e.g. Adagio, Rondo, and Nocturne to represent her love of music and her personified image of her cheese.


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St Agur

This is another local celebrity. A blue cheese even for people who don’t like blue cheese, St Agur is a Franciscan saint: for the people, from the people. And to be sure, the devotion and ballyhoo around her is close to religious.

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Mi Amor, Mi Corazon, Mi Vida!

Leonora is hands-down one of my favorite goat cheeses of all time. Creamy and cakey, strong, earthy, she approaches the ideal in a goaty goat cheese. She’s Castilian, from the dry, arid hills northwest of Madrid and she has a lemon finish and a tangy rind with a bit of an after-kick.

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L’Explorateur is a Triple Cream French cheese with a little acidity that adds an almost-sour aftertaste to the cheese. It’s pretty amazing. It has a rocket ship on the label because the cheese was originally created in 1969, the year we landed on the moon, hence the name and rocket.

This is a review of l’Explorateur from Miguel at the Cheese Diaries:

November 05, 2003

Rocket Cheese!!!: L’Explorateur

So I tried really hard to find a french cheese to like. I found one that not only was a triple cream, but also had a rocket ship on the label! Wooooshhhhh.

I got a little dinky one. It looked like it didn’t have a rind to it at all (it was so soft) but it was defiantely bloomy. The big one they had at the store looked like a field of white grass was growing on it. Very cool. It’s a raw cow’s milk cheese.

Yes this one did have the sour taste i have come to expect from these french raw milk cheeses, but in this cheese it was finally toned down to the point that I found it enjoyable. Also this cheese has a hint of frosting to it. It tastes like a high quality frosting, and tastes a bit sweet. As all triple creams are, it is very creamy, and very spreadable. I ate it stright up though. I ate the rind too and it tasted the same as the cheese pretty much. But a little sourer. Over all I liked this cheese very much and I would put it on the short list of cheeses I would buy a second time.


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A cow, sheep, and goat milk cheese from the Piedmont region of Italy, this soft rind cheese starts off very creamy and becomes thicker and takes on a more chevre-log-like consistency in time. Mild and complex, it complements many fruits and meats, perfect for those LA spring nights, after work with a glass of wine and purple skies above you, the horizon punctuated by faraway helicopters.

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Brebirousse D’Argental

A ewe’s milk cheese from the Lyon region, France, the Brebirousse is a lovely soft and creamy aromatic cheese. It spreads wonderfully on a sliced baguette and pairs with both a crisp dry white and a sweet ice wine.

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