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Campo Del Montalban

Cow, sheep, and goat from Spain. Like Manchego, the Campo goes wonderful with Mebrillo paste or honey. He also pairs well with thinly sliced Jamon Serrano, or a full bodied red wine.

The name always reminds me of the Count from Sesame Street, “Aha! I am de CAMPO del MONtalbaaahnnn! Howww many pounds would you like??”


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ONETiK Ossau-Iraty

They say this cheese may be one of the oldest aged cheeses in existence, dating back 3800 years or more.

Its a mild and nutty sheep’s milk Brebis cheese from the Basque region in southern France/northern Spain.

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A cow, sheep, and goat milk cheese from the Piedmont region of Italy, this soft rind cheese starts off very creamy and becomes thicker and takes on a more chevre-log-like consistency in time. Mild and complex, it complements many fruits and meats, perfect for those LA spring nights, after work with a glass of wine and purple skies above you, the horizon punctuated by faraway helicopters.

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Brebirousse D’Argental

A ewe’s milk cheese from the Lyon region, France, the Brebirousse is a lovely soft and creamy aromatic cheese. It spreads wonderfully on a sliced baguette and pairs with both a crisp dry white and a sweet ice wine.

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