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Montgomery Cheddar

The original British Bulldog of cheddars! As they age the cheese, they flip it over every day. As they do this, crevices form inside the cheese, which is where Monty gets his blue veins. Some wheels have more blue than others, and its never overpowering. Think of this more as a cheddar with some blue on the side, than a blue cheddar. We have blue cheddar, and it’s delicious, but very different from Monty.


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Parmigiano Reggiano

The cheese that needs no introduction. Direct from Parma, baby.

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Vintage 5-Year Gouda

When someone tells me they haven’t had a sample of this in the past, its a dead ringer for an Artisan rookie. Sooner or later every seasoned customer who navigates the myriad cheese store tasting opportunities encounters this monstrous hulking beast of a Dutchman. Aged for 5 years plus, he is caramelly and crunchy, the result of the formation of salt crystals during the aging process.

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