About Us

We are local family run business, purveyors of fine cheese, dedicated to bringing our customers the highest quality artisan cheeses we can find, and food items that complement these world class cheeses.

We offer unique cheese plates, tasty gift baskets and intimate evening cheese tastings.

In addition we sell fresh made award winning Panini sandwiches from 11AM to 4PM. They include Toledo Ohio’s world famous Tony Packo’s Pickles and chocolates prepared exclusively for Artisan Cheese Gallery by Spano Chocolates.

We also offer a variety of different flavored Peanut Butters made by PB Loco and several other products from world famous Tony Packos .

Artisan Cheese Gallery was started in August of 2005 by Melody Dosch and her parents, Fred and Kay Heinemann. Melody walked away from a successful law practice to open the store, as the enticements of cheeses multifarious were too great to resist. Fred is a former Air Force helicopter pilot and engineer, and Kay ran a very successful real estate business prior to their cheese-laden existences.

Thanks to you, our customers, and your loyalty, we have grown and grown and continue to bring in new cheeses and add new menu items to keep you interested.


One response to “About Us

  1. Rebecca Andr

    Hi Melody,
    I’m forwarding the following to you:
    “It was nice to see you at Lydia’s party. I understand that you and your wife brought the wonderful cheese plates. Everyone has been raving about them–so thanks to both of you (if they were your gift). Mary”

    I have to confess that before I went to the party, Angie and I “sampled” most of the cheeses! Thanks soooooo much, Melody.

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