Three Cheese Pairings Today

May 30th, 2008
$12.95 and it comes with dried fruit, nuts, and a sliced baguette.

The Frog
– Le Chatelain

Creamy soft camembert cheese from France.

– Comté –
A delicious, complex French Gruyere

– Gris Des Vosges –
A stinky and tasty washed-rind cheese topped with a fern leaf.

The Eye-talian
– Fontina-

A famous creamy and complex Italian semi-soft

– Boschetto –
A dense yet creamy Black Truffle cheese from Northern Italy.

– Spluga –
A stinky washed rind Gouda-esque cheese.

Der Schweizerdeutsch

– Moosbacher –
Rolf Beeler’s amazing Swiss triumph.

– Cambozola –
A delicious Blue-infused Camembert.

– Toggenburger –
Rolf stikes again with this complex and nutty Raclette cheese.


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