Pleasant Ridge Reserve

She is direct from Wisconsin, from the folks at the Uplands Cheese Co. She is a semi-soft raw cow cheese, melts wonderfully, and has a delicious nutty essence. She has also received numerous awards.

From their website:

Best of show 2001 and 2005Most notably, Best of Show at the 2005 American Cheese Society conference, an accolade it won for the second time, having been awarded Best of Show in 2001 as well. Additionally, Pleasant Ridge Reserve was named U.S. Champion at the 2003 U.S Championship cheese contest.

Funny story. I had a layover in London about 4 months ago which afforded me a night stay in the city. I was walking around Covent Garden, when it occurred to me that I could visit Neal’s Yard, the famous UK cheese distributer. After some looking, I went down this side street and found it! I was in the shop for a bit and started talking to one of the guys behind the counter, who to my surprise was American. Turns out he was from Wisconsin, and in London on a cheese exchange program, working 6 months on a farm and 6 in a store. I asked what cheese he made in Wisconsin and he said “Pleasant Ridge Reserve.” No way!



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